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What's new?

Well, not much is new here. Since I started this site my personal situation has evolved to the point that I find I do not have the time to keep  the site properly up to date. Therefore, as of July 2004 I am "freezing" the content the site indefinitely. Most of the material on this site was developed using TurboCAD Pro v7 and v8.  I am now using TurboCAD Pro v9.5 and v10.1 and do not even have v7 or v8  installed on any PC I use. Still, much of the information on this site will be useful for those exploring VBA in the newer versions of TurboCAD, so I will keep it available for a while.

This site is on a free Tripod account. Therefore you will have to endure annoying pop-up messages, advertisements, and, most recently, an intrusive "Search Companion" side bar. If I am able to start updating the site again in the future I will probably move it to a paid host to get rid of the ads and such.

As always, I  welcome correspondence about TurboCAD , VB, VBA, and related subjects. I'll answer questions to the best of my knowledge and accept the occasional odd project. However, you should also consider posting your question in the appropriate forum of the TurboCAD User Conference.

You can find the latest TurboCAD SDK information at the TurboCAD SDK Documentation web site.

To contact me, address email to:  (Not a link) Place the word "TurboCAD" in the subject line to avoid having your message lost in the mass deletions of spam I perform each day.


This page updated 07/24/04