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TurboCAD home site - Main site for TurboCAD information.

IMSI home site - Check out all of IMSI's products.

TurboCAD user forums - The best place to get you TurboCAD questions answered. More links at top of page.

TurboCAD SDK documentation - A great start on TC SDK information, but not finished.

BCiTool - David Bell's site, "providing add-on tools for TurboCAD". Includes Dave's great "Snaffled TurboCAD FAQ"

Winston's TurboCAD® Page - Variety of useful information from a TC expert.

ITUG - International TurboCAD Users Group. Independent site by and for TurboCAD users. (Site appears to be down?)

SoftDev SPb - Assist with development of TurboCAD and offer add-ons and support files. - Training and other resources for TurboCAD users.

TurboCAD Pro 10.1 HDR Essentials - NEW site by Alfred Kypta focusing on rendering with Image Based Lighting, which was introduced in TurboCAD Pro v10.1.