VBA Macros for TurboCAD Pro
Plug-in tools for TurboCAD
Regen Objects for TurboCAD
External applications that work with TurboCAD

VBA Macros for TurboCAD Pro:
= macro works in TurboCAD Pro v7
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Plug-in Tools for TurboCAD:

These plug-ins are simple tools that can be used in TurboCAD. Each one was first developed as a macro, and then later compiled into a DLL file in Visual Basic. To use the tools, copy the DLL file into the Draggers folder under your TurboCAD installation directory. The next time you start TurboCAD, you should see a new tool bar with the tool(s) on it. To remove the tools, simply remove the DLL files from the Draggers folder.

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Regen Objects for TurboCAD:

Regens are objects, made up of TurboCAD graphic objects, that you can place in a drawing. The regens are coded so that they respond to certain events, such as resizing or moving the object, or opening and saving a file, etc. Depending upon how the regen object is coded, it will then "regenerate" itself based on the new conditions.

Like plug-in tools, regens are compiled into DLL files using an external development application, such as Visual Basic, or C++. To use the regens in your drawings, the regen DLL file must be placed in the "Regens" folder under your TurboCAD "Program" folder. To find the regens in TurboCAD, look under the "SDK" menu in V7, and the "AddOns" in v8.

  • (13KB) Added 02/22/02

  • This gives you a regen object which always displays the current system date. There is a property page which allows you to set the text size, and change the way the date is displayed. One "feature" I did not anticipate when I made this regen is that each time the date object regenerates, it will do so using the font style that is currently active in the drawing. This may or may not be desirable, depending on how you look at it!  It would be possible to add an option to the property page to either have the object regen the way it does now, or have it keep the same font style it had when it was originally placed. I may do that if anyone shows an interest in using this regen.

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    External Apps that work with TurboCAD:

     These are applications made in Visual Basic that run outside of TurboCAD.

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